EL MUNDO DE LA MONEDA will celebrate its next auction on September 21. It will contain Coins of Mexico from all historical periods and Mexican Paper Money, Presentation pieces, Tokens, Medals, Books, Stocks, Documents, etc. It will be held at Hotel Del Prado, Salon "Montenegro" (Av. Marina Nacional # 399, Col. Anzures , México, D.F. 11300) at 12:00 pm . For further information PLEASE VISIT OUR AUCTIONS SECTION FOR MORE INFORMATION.

LXV - international numismatic convention. Click HERE in order to to view the convention program. The Numismatic Society of Mexico will celebrate its next coin and paper money convention next September 20-23, 2017: Hotel Del Prado, Salón Versalles, Av. Marina Nacional # 399, Col. Anzures, México, D.F. 11300. Tels: 52608909, 52606284. Fax: 52606669. Permanent exhibits. Free entrance.

For further information of our auction please contact us:

For further information regarding the convention and event reservations contact: Sociedad Numismática de México, A.C.; Tel: 5255-55364440. Fax: 5255-55431791. e/m:



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