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Welcome to El Mundo de la Moneda, a space specially designed where you can find all the services and products related to the incredible world of NUMISMATICS.

During its 33 years of existence, El Mundo de la Moneda has grown and diversified, gradually becoming the most important numismatic dealership in the Mexican numismatic market. It has acquired, an excellent reputation in Mexico and abroad because of the high-quality material it offers and the professional and personalized attention it gives each of its customers. It is not necessary for our customers to be knowledgeable or to be experts in this science. We are always glad to attend everyone who visits us and help them with the best options and prices at varied economic levels. Our objective is to keep a close, personal relationship with our customers, always trying to give them a meaningful service in which we dedicate our time and energy to the utmost.

Duane D. Douglas founded this prestigious firm in 1983, having begun his numismatic career in 1971 when he joined the Numismatic Society of Mexico. He had been invited to participate in the organization of the first international numismatic convention in Mexico sponsored by this institution. He has been a member since then, and has always formed part of the board-of-directors, collaborating actively in the organization of most of its conventions as well as an endless number of other numismatic activities organized by the "Sociedad Numismática de México". From 1980 to 1984 he was the official auctioneer of the Association during which he published eleven auction catalogs. He is a 28-year-member of the American Numismatic Association (A.N.A. 69231). He is also a member of the International Bank Note Society (I.B.N.S. 2799) and more recently he became a member of the United States Mexican Numismatic Association (UsMexNA C-117).

As president of the Sociedad Numismática de México (1992-1994; 1996-2000) he has promoted the dissemination and development of Mexican numismatics in Mexico and abroad actively participating in important numismatic events. In 1999, he was asked to be a juror in the First National Numismatic-Design Contest to commemorate on coins the change of the millenium, organized by the Banco de México. His twenty-seven years of experience as collector, numismatist and dealer, and also as an author of numerous literary works in the specialization have led him to become known as one of the most outstanding authorities in Mexican numismatics today.

From 1978 to 1987 he was the numismatic advisor and curator of the paper money collection of the Banco Nacional de México (Banamex); he was also the technical consultant for the publication, in 1985, of the book, "Historia del Papel Moneda en México" (History of Mexican Paper Money), edited by Fomento Cultural Banamex, A.C.

In 1997 the Sociedad Numismática de México published Duane Douglas' first work, "The Ten Peso Banknotes", issued by Banco de México, S.A. (bilingual edition), México, D.F.
Duane D. Douglas is co-author of the far-reaching publication, "The Complete Encyclopedia of Mexican Paper Money" published in 1982 by Krause Publications, Inc.; Iola, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
In 1993 he created the first video on Mexican numismatics, "A Pictoric Voyage Through Mexican Numismatics" (also edited in Spanish), (1 hour, 37 minutes).

He also authored and published, "El Papel Moneda del Banco de México" (The Paper Money of the Bank of Mexico) 1990, México, D.F. (First Edition) and 1993, México, D.F. (Second Edition); "Numismática Mexicana" (Mexican Numismatics) 1994, México, D.F.; "Colección de Monedas y Onzas Mexicanas del Siglo XX" (Collection of Mexican Coins and Ounces of the XX Century) 1996, México, D.F. (First Edition), June 1996; First Reprint, October, 1996; Second Reprint, April, 1997. He is also the author of the incredible book, "Emisiones Desconocidas de Papel Moneda Mexicano, Repatriación de un Tesoro" (bi-lingual edition: "Unknown Issues of Mexican Paper Money, Repatriation of a Treasure", México, D.F., October, 1998.

The author has also written numerous articles and translations for the "Boletín Numismático" of the Sociedad Numismática de México, A.C.", as well as the third edition of the book, "El Papel Moneda del Banco de México" (The Paper Money of the Bank of Mexico). 

The expertise of Duane Douglas has made this firm the largest, and most important of its kind in Mexico.

The company keeps an important permanent numismatic exposition in its shop where it serves its customers at Madero 55, Local 412, 4th floor; Centro Histórico, México, D.F. 06000.

El Mundo de la Moneda offers diverse numismatic services such as professional numismatic consultation for the formation of its customers' collections, the way to store them, as well as the best way to dispose of them. It is important to note that personal want lists are also served. Other services are the purchase, sale, and appraisal of numismatic collections, (coins, medals and paper money), auctions, lists, books, catalogs stocks and bonds as well as an extensive inventory of numismatic supplies.

This is a brief resumé of who we are. We keep on working hard not only in order to provide you with high-quality products and efficient service of the numismatic market, but also to set new guide-lines which will help us to improve upon this service.



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